Monday, April 6, 2015

The Greatest Miracle :)

Bula Vinaka! 
First of all..... HAPPY EASTER! :) Isn't Easter such a happy time? I have especially enjoyed my Easters as a missionary, when we get to completely focus on the Savior. As we visited families this week, we shared this fabulous video! If you haven't seen it, WATCH IT NOW! Because He Lives One of my favorite parts is where it says...."The greatest Miracle was yet to come."  It helped me realize how absolutely incredible the Resurrection is. After all the Miracles the Savior performed, the grand finale was the Resurrection. I also spent time studying the chapter in "Jesus the Christ" about Easter. It's a real nice one. It helped me put the full story together and strengthened my testimony that HE LIVES! 
This week we also celebrated Easter with a few Baptisms! YAY! First we had Joy's Baptism on Thursday. It was so fun to see how prepared and excited she was.  We're grateful for the extra time she had to become extra prepared. Then, on Sunday, we were able to witness the Baptism of Isaac, Meli, Liti and Peni. I think that was one of the more emotional baptisms we have had because we have seen them come so far! And the Spirit was so strong as they took that big step and started their new lives. We are so proud of them! 
At their Baptism I also had the opportunity to speak on the Holy Ghost.  I was so grateful for the opportunity to reflect back on how the Holy Ghost guides my everyday life. Two simple experiences from the past week came to mind. Last week we were at Stake Conference and I saw one of the members who's name I definitely should have remembered but it was just gone.  As she got closer I said a little prayer to help me remember her name. And the second I went to hug her, the name came! The Holy Ghost is definitely a reminder.  And a few days later, I went to shut the door on our way out, and two inches before it was shut, the thought came..."Sister Matheson, do you have the key?" And sure enough it was on the counter. Aren't we lucky to have the Holy Ghost in our life? To guide us through the big decisions and help us with the small day to day things too! 
This week as I was reading Jesus the Christ, a simple phrase really stuck out to me. It was talking about the story of the Good Samaritan and how the Priest and Levite justified leaving the Man half dead on the road. It said..."Excuses are easy to find.  They spring up as readily and plentifully as weeds by the wayside."Man, true eh? Se cava? It's up to us. We can either do the Lord's will or we can just stoop down and pick up one of those little weeds and miss out on an opportunity to serve others and grow closer to our Father in Heaven.  I'm real grateful for the Holy Ghost and the simple lessons He teaches me everyday. :)
Happy Conference Watching! :)

Loloma Levu,

Sista Matheson :)

 Baptism of Peni, Liti, Meli, and Isaac! :)

 Chinese Lunch with our Cute Recent Converts (Connie, Gru, and Daniel) and our adorable investigator Sophie. 

 Joy's Baptism! Happy Day! 

 Our Cutest little sisters ...Loata and Rosie!

 Plan of Salvation Drawings!

Sister Kaititi with a water blaster.... BOHT DANJA! (Service)

Jayshlyn's 18th Birthday! We're gonna miss this girl! 

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