Monday, January 26, 2015

The power of NOW.

Holy wonderful week! Nadi is the bomb. I just really love it here! Especially with a fabulous companion and a car and so much work to do! We saw a lot of fabulous things happen this week.  We were able to find three new fabulous investigators and we gave two of them baptismal dates for February. One of them is a little girl named Loata.  Our district leader gave us a casual referral for her after district lunch then we happened to meet her.  And we decided to go back to her house and meet her family right then.  She will be baptized in three weeks. It was a great reminder of the power of NOW. Sometimes I have a tendency to procrastinate.  But there are blessings in doing things NOW. 
I love Nadi. But I am REAL sick of the cockroaches here.  We killed about 15 or so (no exaggeration) before lunch time today. And some of them are barely insects.  They should probably be classified as animals because they are HUGE! But I'm getting real good at killing em. The nice thing about cockroaches?  You just flip em on their back and they can't flip back over so they die.  (Deep Gospel insight about cockroaches coming soon!) But it's all part of the adventure eh? 
Last night Sister Kaititi and I were adding up our numbers and all of the sudden..... No electricity.  It was SO pitch black dark.  Like a little bit scary.  And we were helpless.  We started feeling around the ground for the phone to use for light.  But no luck.  We crawled around looking for it for what seemed like forever- bumping into all sort of random objects. The thought came to my mind..."Man, I wish someone would just happen to call us right now. Then we could find the phone and have some light. We can't find it by ourselves."  Later, when the issue was resolved I was reflecting back on the experience.  I just imagine how many less actives are out there feeling around in the dark for some small source of light because there has been a temporary electricity outage in their lives.  They need to be called.  Visited.  Reached out to. I feel like Heavenly Father has sent me to Nadi to gain experience working with Less Actives.  Because I feel like that's something I haven't had much experience with.  And I'm so excited to bring em back! 
This week we were also able to witness the beautiful baptism of Connie and Gru.  Our favorite Chinese investigators here in Nadi! They are so precious.  And teaching them has been such a blessing! I was so touched by their testimonies.  Both of them.  Sometimes they struggle to express everything they feel in English, but the Spirit is so strong.  I know they will be strong members for the rest of their lives.  We are so proud of them!

We had the chance to go to Ward Council yesterday.  And I was really impressed with our Bishop.  He talked about how it is his goal to "vabula" or shake hands with every member of the ward each Sunday.  I started thinking about it. Can you imagine the power that would come into a ward if every member of the ward council reached out to each new face that stepped in the building?  They would immediately feel welcome and comfortable.  They would keep coming back.  But we can't reach out to each new face if we don't know the people who are there every week. We have to know our sheep.  Each one of them. Individually. Talk to them often and just LOVE them. Then we can know who is attending for the first time. That's my goal. For the rest of my life. I'm so excited to serve in the church.  And to build up the Lord's Kingdom little by little in whichever ways He wants me to. :)
Loloma Levu,

Sister Matheson :)

 Connie and Gru's Miracle Baptism! Are they not the cutest thing? We just LOVE them. 

 My favorite time of day.  I'm going to miss Fiji Sunsets.  
 Happy Birthday to Mama! She's the most adorable two year old.

 Companions! :)
Exchanges with Sister Moe! And our Member Present - Seta! So fun!
The wilderness of Fiji.  On our way to find a Member house that lives in the boonies!

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Adventures of (Half) WHITE WASHING!

Cola Vina!
(Bula Vinaka in the Nadi Dialect)
This week has been a super ADVENTURE! It about broke my heart to leave Samabula (ZION,) but I know this is what the Lord wants for me! And it's been an exciting and refreshing change! There is something about coming into a new area with a fresh set of eyes and gaining a vision for the potential of the area! Holy cow! Nadi is the bomb! There is SO MUCH POTENTIAL here! The members are great and we are just so excited to get to WORK! Isn't missionary work the best? Oh I just get so excited! We got quite a few new referrals and potential investigators this week and I know that with Hard work and obedience great things can happen here! 
I got to spend my last night in Samabula with Sister Chong before she went home which was so fun! I really believe companions are one of the greatest blessings of the mission! I've been incredibly lucky and blessed with the fabulous companions I've had! I adore each one of them! Including my new companion.... SISTER KAITITI (Kaisisi).  Another Kiribati! YAY! We've had so much fun together so far. Catching all of the creatures in our house.  Deep cleaning.  Finding people to teach.  Etc. I'm real excited for our time together! 
One of the biggest blessings of being here in Nadi is our adorable Chinese investigators. My goodness.  I adore them so much. Their faith and dedication blow me away! It's like Lu all over again! Today in their prayer they thanked Heavenly Father that they were able to"finally sign the papers to become members." They even wanted a copy of the baptismal form for a souvenir. And we are all stoked for their baptism! 
The first counselor in our Bishopric shared something on Sunday that really touched my heart.  He said he and his wife were preparing to go for a hike with some friends.  It was going to be just adults, but their 5 yr. old son REALLY wanted to go.  And he didn't have the heart to tell him no.  He knew his son wouldn't be able to walk the 4 km to the top.  So he carried him the entire way. About half way his son said..."See Dad, I told you I could do it! I'm not even that tired!" And a little bit later he said..."Dad, I can feel your sweat."  What a powerful lesson! How often do we forget who is carrying us? How often do we forget our Savior who sweat tender drops of blood on our behalf.  It was a great reminder to me that I'm not doing this alone.  I can't climb this mountain alone. I'm not strong enough. But He is. I'm forever grateful for His precious Atonement that makes change and progress possible! 
Loloma Levu!

Sista Matheson :)

 At the airport with Sister Crichton! I miss this girl so much!

 With Sister Mauga at the Airport!
 We're gonna miss Irene and Riya and Sally sooooo much!
 Sister Chong and our firstborn....Adolf the Avacado plant. We're proud parents. 
 Last night with the Khannas!
 The mouse we found trapped in our door. Ugh. 
 Sister Chong and I at the Airport! I miss her so very much!
First dinner with the new intake at the Khanna's house.