Thursday, April 23, 2015

Eternal Families

Bula Vinaka!

We've survived our first full week of whitewashing! Yay! And we've learned a lot too. We talked to SOO many people on the streets this week! That's one thing I love about this area. There is never a shortage of people to talk to on the streets.  And a chunk of them have turned into our new investigators! Which is always exciting! :) It's been so exciting and fun to be training. Sister Kesa and I are learning so many things together. I'm absolutely positive I'm learning way more from this experience than she is, but that's just how life goes. That's why we are given so many opportunities to teach and serve in the church. So we can learn and grow! And for that  I'm forever grateful!

My eyes were opened during Elder Gunderson's  (my District Leader) training.  He was talking about the difference between fishing with a line and fishing with a net. Some places are meant for line fishing and some are more suited for a fishing net. In Fiji, we are blessed because we can truly use nets. If we use a line, we are going to miss out on a whole lot of fish. We have to see the vision of the potential and all of the great big fish that are waiting to be caught.  As the Lord is hastening His work, we can't afford to just have one line in the sea. We need nets. Nets take a lot of work, but are so rewarding to use.

This week was also Sister Kesa's  22nd Birthday yay! :) We did a lot of celebrating. I'm so thankful for her and her cheerful attitude! That's something that I have truly learned from her, even just in our short time together. I feel so blessed to be her Mother!

It was such a treat to FINALLY hear General Conference! The long wait made the experience all the more sweet. Every conference I grow to love it more and more. How blessed we are to have living Prophets and Apostles here to guide and direct us. I LOVED the emphasis on Family. Especially as a missionary.  This week I was re-motivated to focus on teaching families. Because that is what this Gospel is all about.  We are teaching the cutest Indian family right now. The mom and the kids were progressing when we came, but the dad didn't seem as interested.  Then in one of our lessons this week about the Restoration, at the end of the lesson  the dad said....."I want to make sure I'm here for the next lesson."  Holy cow. It's crazy how much happiness a small and simple sentence like that can bring to the heart of a missionary! It's all about teaching and helping families.

During Conference I was constantly reminded of what a wonderful family I have.  Everyday I seem to realize more and more just how lucky I really am to have them in my life! They are my best friends.  Every single one of them. I am not as experienced or wise as Elder Perry, but I can definitely testify that "The older I get, the more I realize that family is the center of life, the key to true happiness." My greatest joy is my Eternal Family and my greatest hope is that someday I will be able to raise a righteous family as well. In Stake Conference the other week, one of the speakers was talking about how Nephi started "I Nephi, being born of goodly parents...." and how he might not have said that when he was young but with more perspective he appreciated his parents even more.  As he was sharing about this, I was overcome with gratitude for my parents and the relationship I have with them. I can not think of a single time in my life when I couldn't say with complete confidence that "I have been born of goodly parents."  Not even a single moment. And for that, I can never repay them or my Heavenly Father.  I don't know how I got so lucky to have the family that I do, but I suppose that the best thing I can do is work diligently to help other families become stronger and become Eternal!

Loloma Levu,

Sista Matheson :)

 Birthday Breakfast! My Little Girl is 22! :)
 Ready to go Proselyte!
 Birthday Lunch! Celebrating at Damodar City!
 Sister Kesa's Popcorn-microwave brownie- cake!
Cataleya is the cutest! Love this little girl! :)

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