Monday, March 30, 2015

Come and See!

Bula Vinaka! 
This week FLEW by! But that's how the whole 18 months go! We had the opportunity to go to MLC again! Yay! So much fun! I learned so much. Especially about Courage and the things we need to do as leaders and just as disciples of Christ in general. I love the quote "The true badge of courage is overcoming the fear of men." Man, if you want some experience learning how to do that..... come on a mission. I've discovered that missions aren't for cowards. Missions are for Courageous young people who want to change the world, one individual at a time. 
This week we also found some new awesome investigators! YAY! Two of them are Chinese. So naturally I already love them. One of them, Sophie, is just the definition of adorable. And we've really learned the language of LOVE. Because sometimes that's the only way we can communicate. This week as we sat down at her kitchen table, she was all smiles. But there was a language struggle.  We were a bit frustrated because we were trying so hard to understand her and communicate, but my heart melted as she reaches over and handed us apples. Like 8 apples with a big smile.  And struggled through the simple words...." Sisters." And then I remembered what missions are all about. LOVE. We can all communicate through Love. And the Spirit. And that's what really matters. 
We also had the opportunity to go to stake conference this weekend! It was so fun to see all the members from Lautoka again! And the place was packed! I loved it! One of the speakers was talking about when Christ cleansed the Temple from all the merchants and money changers.  He talked about how we need to make sure our chapels and homes and meetings are clean. We are constantly inviting others to COME AND SEE! COME AND FEEL! COME AND LISTEN! But when they come, what will they see? What will they feel? What will they hear? Will it be gossip and unkindness? Will it be pride? Will they see clicks and people left out? Will they hear Chaos and disorder? Or will they be able to experience a place of love and unity where the Spirit guides and everyone is happy? A place where they will be drawn back again and again? Let's make sure it is. :) 
Loloma LEVU,
Sista Matheson :)

 Elder Johnson and his companion Elder Webster with Sister Kaisisi and I at MLC. These two are killing it! 

 Pit stop on the gorgeous drive to Suva! 

 We got out at a village and happened to find Rusila (a member from Suva) and her family! 

 Pit stop on the drive back to Nadi!

In the office. We're gonna miss Elder Rainsdon and Elder Magalogo! 

 My two Kiribati companions! LOVE THEM SO MUCH! 

 Can't find your Kiribati companion? Check the tree! Crazy girl! 

 Dinner at the Pillay's.  They are the cutest. :)
 The Famous Koko's Burger from Sigatoka. We couldn't even finish half. Ha. 

So pretty! I LOVE Fiji! :)