Sunday, November 30, 2014


Bula Vinaka my dearest friends! 
Can you believe it's been one whole entire year? (on Thursday) Time flies eh? Holy cow. It doesn't seem real to me. And it's even scarier that I'll be home in less than 6 months. No good. I get all teary eyed thinking about taking off this badge.  It has become a part of me. But I just have to focus and keep working hard! 
This week was fabulous but EXHAUSTING. We had so much going on. Plenty DLCs. And Hosting sisters. And MLC. And organized baptismal clothes for 9 PEOPLE. (real difficult in case you were wondering.) And plenty other things. But it was all so worth it! 
Sunday was the baptism of our cute Kiribati kids. And our adorable best friend Adi. It was quite the project and a bit stressful but it was so rewarding to see them baptized and to hear them bear their testimonies. It brings me so much joy to think of the difference the Gospel and the support of leaders and church friends and programs will make in their lives as they grow up. We were also able to see two members come back to Full Activity in the church and receive callings. They are going to be a church support to our ward. 
I can't believe I totally forgot about THANKSGIVING in my last email! Ha. Happy Late Thanksgiving! Don't worry.... we still celebrated here in Fiji.  I taught my companion and the two other sisters staying with us the turkey song and the history of Thanksgiving. And we went to MLC all day! Which is a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving because it is my favorite meeting in the mission. :) So no complaints. 
As always, I learned SO much from MLC. We talked about the power of showing appreciation and the simple ways we can make a difference in people's lives. :) There is power in a simple note or a short phone call or just telling people they are doing a good job. That's what makes the world go round. :) 
At MLC we also watched the new video message "HE IS THE GIFT." It's a keeper for sure. If you haven't watched it.... watch it now! He is the Gift Then share it with all your friends. :) And have a FABULOUS week. I love this Gospel. I love being a missionary. And I love you all! 
Loloma Levu,
Sista Matheson 
P.S. I can officially pray and bear my testimony in Kiribati. Also, fun fact of the week...... Kiribati has half an alphabet. 13 letters.

 Mission Leadership Conference picture 
 We LOVE Baptisms! :)
 Adi's Baptism! Her Parents were Returned Members this week as well! 
 Part of our "Strengthening Families" Open house this weekend!
 Gonna miss these cute Kiribati friends!
 Our cute investigator Sanjalini and her Auntie Sister Charan. We LOVE them. :)

 Mela is our best friend. And pretty much our 3rd companion. :)
 District Mtg. Companionship Olympics! (Shaving our companions faces)
The AP's won. We came in a close 3rd. Ha