Monday, February 23, 2015

...Name them one by one.

Cola Vina!
This week was MLC again! Yay! :) We had a nice road trip to Suva and got to spend some time with the sisters there! And we enjoyed some FABULOUS trainings.  My favorite was on the difference between testimony and conversion.  Every day we meet plenty people who have testimonies.  They will tell you over and over that they know this church is true. But something is missing. They aren't yet truly converted. Testimony is knowing the Gospel is True. But conversion is living true to the Gospel. The difference is action. And real intent. I pray that each of us are striving each day to become more and more CONVERTED through our actions. 
This week during sacrament I was a little disappointed because most of our investigators were not able to come to church like we were planning. Sometimes missions are hard because you Love so much and you give your heart out to all of your investigators and then you just feel so sad when things don't work out like you planned.  Missions are good at teaching us how to deal with disappointments! You don't get down, you just keep looking up and moving forward. :) But as I was listing in my planner all the people that WEREN'T at church, I happened to flip to the Hymn...."Count Your Many Blessings." As I started reading the words, I realized I needed to be grateful for all of the wonderful people that WERE there.  I needed to "name them one by one." Because each one of them was a blessing from Heavenly Father. There is so much to be grateful for in this life! Every day I wake up so grateful for the choice I made to serve a mission and the opportunity I have to serve the people of Fiji. And for all of the other wonderful blessings I enjoy! I am a lucky girl! :) 
Loloma Levu,
Sista Matheson :)

 Sister Kaisisi hopping the fence to Surprise Sister Uate for her Birthday! 

Sunsets here are the bomb.

Our Flag for MLC. 
Nadi Town Flooded (The whole Sidewalk was covered in water after like 10 minutes of rain.)

P-Day RAIN BATH! (I promise we didn't go swimming)

Check out that water! Holy cow! 
Roadtrip pit stop. 
Coolest Potty break ever! 
Fiji is beautiful

(sorry for the picture overload)

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