Monday, February 2, 2015

Road trip!

Bula Vinaka! 

Plenty exciting things happened this week! We got to drive back to Suva for MLC! And you know how much I LOVE MLC! We decided to drive to Suva through the north then back to Nadi through the south side, so we were able to drive around the entire island! Oh my heavens it is so BEAUTIFUL! We took a bajillion pictures. (I love road trips.) 

And MLC was fabulous as ever. We talked a lot about Service.  Sister Layton was talking about their experience at the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing when they were at the finish line and people helped them and their kids who were running the race.  Such a crazy but inspiring story! We also talked about spending time to FIND each day, which I think will really help our mission! 

We found the cutest new little investigator this week! Her name is Jane and she is 9. We also have quite a few progressing investigators that we are trying to help be prepared for Baptism. The work is so exciting! 

One thing I've realized as a missionary, is that you can't take away other people's agency.  We all still get to make our own decisions. But the wonderful thing about the mission is that all of these experiences strengthen our own resolve to be faithful and obedient and make good decisions the rest of our lives. And that is something I'm forever grateful for! Missions make us strong! :)

Loloma Levu,
Sista Matheson 

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