Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Where Did June Go?!?

Bula Vinaka,

We had a really great week! The work is progressing well here and it's so exciting to be a part of it! 

Probably one of the most exciting things this week was all of the new investigators we picked up. There is so much potential in this area and it's incredible to see how the Lord is preparing people to accept this Gospel. We are also really working on pinning down baptismal dates because we have quite a few progressing investigators. We should have 2 entire families being baptized in the next few months which I'm so excited about because I've never taught an entire family before. 

One of the most frustrating parts of our week was definitely getting investigators to church. It's always a struggle. Especially without phones. We work so hard to set everything up. Who is going to pick up who and at what time and where and then...... Satan gets in the way. I just really really don't like him. Always messing with our plans. Of the 8 investigators we arranged to get to church, one came. But we have to be grateful for the blessings eh? We just do everything we can, then put our faith in the Lord. 

I also can't believe tomorrow is July already. Time is such a weird concept on the mission. It flies. I have been a missionary for 7 months on Friday. And I've already been in Lautoka for 1 month. 

This week I finished reading the Conference Ensign and I'm real sad it's over. I especially loved reading the Women's Conference. Here's one quote I really loved. 

"Between now and the day the Lord comes again, He needs women in every family, in every ward, in every community, in every nation who will step forward in righteousness and say by their words and their actions, 'Here am I, send me.'" 

"My question is, 'Will YOU be one of those women?'"

Doesn't that just make you want to jump up and down and decide today to be one of those women?  It's so true. I believe that this is one way the Lord is Hastening His Work. He's softening the hearts of women all over the world to fill those spots in every family, in every ward, in every NATION!. 

I absolutely love being a missionary right now. I really, really do. I have gained so much trust and confidence in the Lord and in His Gospel. I absolutely know that this Gospel can change anyone's life. Regardless of circumstance. As long as they open their ears and their hearts.

 It's gonna be real hard to take off this badge. 

Loloma Levu,
Sister Matheson

 Kids here are sooooo so cute. 

 Sister Mataoa, Preethi (our awesome investigator), and I grabbing dinner from the festival. 

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