Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Mission President

Bula Vinaka!

This week was exciting because we got to spend some time getting to know our new Mission President. We were all so sad to see President and Sister Klingler go, but I feel really lucky to have two Mission Presidents in my mission. Twice the love. Twice the knowldege. Twice the insights. Twice the everything. It's fabulous. Tuesday we had a small Zone Conference where we got to know them a bit, then our District went back for individual interviews on Wednesday. 

One of my favorite things that Sister Layton shared was the story of Esther. She shared Esther 4:14....."And who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" I LOVE this scripture. We all have a purpose.  There is a reason I (and every other missionary ) have been sent to our individual areas at this time. We just have to find out what it is .... then do it! 

President Layton talked a lot about strengthening relationships with our ward leaders. As he was talking I kept thinking about the famous quote by JFK and how it applies to missionaries....... "My fellow [Missionaries], ask not what your [ward/bishop/ward mission leader/members] can do for you, ask what you can do for them [ward/bishop/ward mission leader/members]." I think that's the key to building the strong relationships with the members that are so essential. 

One of my favorite parts of missionary work has recently become OYMing. Or talking to people on the street. Some are just sooo exciting! People are entertaining. And so sweet. A couple of days ago, we talked to two older Fijian gentlemen who were waiting for the bus. They were blown away that we could speak Fijian. They begged us to come to their island and said they would pay the way and donate land for the church. Ha. We gave them a pamphlet and said they can be the first members on their island. They were almost in tears when we eventually had to leave. I love these people. :) 

I'm grateful for another great week here in Lautoka! I love this Gospel and I LOVE being a missionary! 

Loloma Levu,
Sista Matheson :)

P.S. Happy Late 4th of July! 

 After Church with Neelam's family!

 Banana stand :) These kids are so cute! 

 One of our wonderful investigators..... Mere!

 Our super funny OYM on the street. 

 Preethi's Birthday Party on July 3rd. (I was celebrating Aubree's Birthday too)

Feeding cake to Preethi. It's an Indian Birthday tradition. :)

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