Sunday, July 20, 2014

I love the WORLD.

Bula Vinaka! 

Another great week in Paradise. The work here is lovely. The people are lovely. Everything is just lovely. I Love Fiji. That's all. I was telling my companion this week..... I feel like part of my identity has changed.  It's not that I love South America and Spanish and stuff any less, it's just that Fiji has moved in. My heart has expanded with each country and culture I grow to love. China, Cambodia, Fiji, etc. I just feel like I want to keep adding on for the rest of my love, ya know? I love the world. :)

One of the highlights this week was our missionary fireside last night. It was lovely. We have such a wonderful ward, and we were so happy we had such a good turnout! Quite a few investigators etc. 

We were so excited that Rufina and her cute family came to church this Sunday too! They will be baptized on Aug. 16th. and I'm counting down the days! :)  

This week I decided I'm going to try and be bold with Love. I think that's a huge key to the work. Do everything you can to help people understand that you truly love them and want what's best for them, then be bold. Invite them to truly repent and come unto Christ. Sometimes I feel like I'm a bit slack in the bold part. But I've realized they HAVE to go together. This Gospel is way too beautiful and precious to not share it with those we love. :)  

Loloma Levu!

Sista Matheson :) 

 Rufina and little Teresia teaching us Kiribati for language study!

 First Sunday at church with Rufina and Morgan and their cute cute family!

 Dinner with the Prasad Family.  Their daughter Nysa is the cutest!

 Sister Mataoa and I on the long walk back from Koroipita!

 Sunset on Naikabula street!

 Maggie and I with our Lairo friends. :)

Rufina, her daughter Paulini, Sis. Mataoa and I cooking Lairo! (Land Crab) They were trying to crawl out of the pot so it was a quick pic. Ha!

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