Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Power of a Simple Invitation

Bula Vinaka! 
This week was pretty normal.  But every day is still an adventure and a blessing! 
We got another baptismal date set for the end of August last night. His name is Tulai and he is awesome.  His wife is not quite ready, but he knows it's true and is way excited to be baptized. Last night he also asked us how much we get paid as missionaries..... Ha! We explained that we sacrifice to come because we want to share the blessings of the Gospel with others. 
We also went to a baptism in the Lautoka 2nd Ward this week. It was really neat because one of the people being baptized was Tommy.  Tommy happened to be playing basketball outside the church when we started another baptism. One of the members invited him to just come in and see. The Testimony of the girl being baptized touched his heart and he came to church the next day.  Three weeks later he was baptized. The power of a simple invitation. So invite away my friends! You never know what will happen! Cool story eh? 
We also have two super sweet 10 yr. olds - Ateca and Jone - that will be baptized in two weeks. We are best friends. And they are so excited to be baptized and so diligent in keeping their commitments. It's been a testimony to me that we really do need to be more child like. 
Sister Mataoa was sick one day this week so I had lots of time to work on a few projects. I really like projects. But we missed seeing our investigators. We love them. Also, we are working on finding more investigators. Investigators are really good and pretty important to have. And our area boundaries might be changing which means we would lose some :( Change is always a bit rough. Also, there is a transfer this Saturday so we'll see what will happen there. 
This month as a mission we are really focusing on become more Christlike missionaries. So I chose Charity to work on this week. After studying a bunch of wonderful scriptures, (But seriously, aren't the scriptures just so great?!? Sometimes I can't get enough) I was really thinking a lot about Moroni 7:45 which talks about a bunch of the characteristics of Charity.  There are 13 points in that scripture so I decided to do the 13 days of Charity and focus on one attribute each day. I'm so excited! I've realized there are endless possibilities and things to learn and do with the scriptures. I'm just so grateful for them. :) 
Loloma Levu! 

Sista Matheson :)

 Another Beautiful Sunset. I know you're probably sick of 'em. But they're just SO GORGEOUS! 

 My little friend Meme and I. We're teaching her family. 

..... and one more sunset. :)

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