Monday, April 14, 2014

Sisters Conference!

Ni sa Bula Vina'a!
The highlight of our week was probably the SISTERS CONFERENCE in Suva! So fun! We flew down Wednesday and stayed with the Sister Training Leaders in Suva. Thursday we had trainings on so many wonderful inspired things! I felt like everything that was said was directly for me.  Lots of prayers and questions answered.  :) So that's always a good feeling! And some wonderful musical numbers. I love the song Take Time To Be Holy right now. Look it up. They also focused quite a bit on the Christlike Attributes and how we need to not get so caught up as missionaries in our to do list that we forget about our TO BE list! So that's something I'm really going to work on. 
Transfers were also this week and we got a few new missionaries on our island! So that's exciting! We went to lunch to celebrate and decided to do something fun on P-day.  So we chose TAGIMOUCIA LAKE hike. I've wanted to go the whole time I've been here but the last missionaries said it took them like 11 or 12 hours to do it so we were a little scared.  We woke up 4:30 and started up the mountain. It's a SERIOUS hike. They weren't kidding. It's Jungle and bush above our heads and slippery and steep and exhausting and BEAUTIFUL! Man, it was gorgeous. And my companion is a champ and did the entire thing barefoot. Hall of Fame right there. We're all beat now. 
We also made Sasas with the Relief Society for an activity before we left. So fun. Now I feel like a legit Fijian. Don't worry..... you only have to skin like 200 long leaves to make one tiny broom. 
We got to watch a bit of conference this week which was awesome! But Sunday we ended up taking all the kids for most of the time so the adults could focus on conference. Like 30 kids for 4 hours with nothing to entertain them except primary songs and any games we could come up with. We got real creative. Ha. 
This week I finished the Book of Mormon again. I hate/love finishing the Book of Mormon. I'm always so sad that it's over. :( But it's exciting to be able to look back on everything I learned and how I grew from reading it.  I love being able to take Moroni's challenge every time I read the Book of Mormon, even though I already know without a sliver of a doubt that it is TRUE! And changes lives. I love the opportunity to kneel in prayer with a heart full of gratitude for this book.  It is truly the word of God and another Testament of Jesus Christ. And I know that if we read it as individuals and also as families that it will bless our lives! I have seen it change lives. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to share it with the people of Fiji! :) 
Loloma Levu,
Sister Matheson

Taveuni Missionaries! Elder Moulten and Elder Brower are the new missionaries that came in this week.

Proselyting with Sera and Walesi

Making Sasas  (like homemade brooms) at the RS activity

Sister Laru at the temple after our conference. Too bad we didn't get to go inside :(

The Taveuni Sisters! Sister Trammel served there a few months ago, and Sister Nakete (Vereivalu) is from Taveuni.  We just baptized her dad! Brother Orisi! 

Some of the sisters from my intake! I love them all so much! :)

The sweet couple that we met in the airport on our way to Taveuni! They are members and bought us lunch!

Singing primary songs during conference.

Our Tagimoucia lake hike this morning!

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