Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Little Green Ring

Bula Vinaka! 

This week, we had a pacific wide broadcast for Stake Conference. It was so nice! Everything was focused on the Sabbath Day and also the Sacrament, which have grown to be two of my favorite things. I was thankful for the talks because it reminded me what a precious gift the Sabbath truly is. Linda K. Burton talked about how when her husband was in Korea over his birthday, their family at home celebrated by going to his favorite restaurant, eating his favorite foods, and doing his favorite things in honor of him. It was a sign of their deep love for him and recognition of his special day! The Sabbath is the Lord's day.  We can honor Him by doing His favorite things and the things he would want us to do. Quentin L. Cook also finished his talk by saying..." Can you help us give back the sacrament meeting to the Savior?"  What a beautiful reminder and a motivation to be better. 

I was also studying Humility for my Christlike attribute this week and I learned SO much. Pride is a scary thing eh? Check out these quotes from my dear friend President Benson...... 

"Pride does not look up to God and care about what is right.  It looks sideways to man and argues who is right."

and another one.......

" To the proud, the applause of the world rings in their ears; to the humble, the applause of heaven warms their hearts."

Deep eh? I learned a lot. Humility is so essential if we want to continue to learn and grow in life. 

This week my heart was just so full of gratitude for the opportunity we have been blessed with to teach our investigator Joeli and his cute family. I have learned SO much from them. This verse reminds me so much of him...

 And blessed are all they who do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled with the Holy Ghost.
Joeli truly hungers and thirsts after righteousness. Always asking for more homework and so ready to learn. And that's why the spirit is always so strong in lessons. This week we did Family Home Evening with them and taught about CTR and gave them a few rings. The next lesson we had my heart melted when I looked down and saw the little green CTR ring (the kind you get when you are 5 yrs. old in primary) on Joeli's GIGANTIC pinky finger. In that moment, I caught a glimpse of the grand scope of the Atonement. I caught a glimpse of how this Gospel CHANGES lives. And families. Sitting before me was a huge tough rugby guy (with quite a rocky background), wearing a CTR ring. Bearing humble testimony of the Book of Mormon and this Gospel with watery eyes. His life and family have completely changed. What a blessing to be right in the middle of it all. I will never look at a little green CTR ring the same way. I love being a missionary. :)

Loloma Levu,
Sista Matheson :)


Cream buns after a full proselyting day! :)

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