Monday, March 16, 2015

Waiting for Pam.

Bula Vinaka!
We spent the whole week waiting for Cyclone Pam. Tuesday we heard that it was big and headed our way, but throughout the whole week the story kept changing. And the weather was real funky. It was so hot and absolutely still - not even a slight breeze, one minute, and then stormy the next. And every house we went to, they had their stuff packed up and in a high place. Some of the houses are completely under water when the floods come! So crazy! But lucky, nothing has hit us too hard yet! Our hearts go out to everyone in Vanuatu and Tuvalu and the other places that were hit! 
This week we also opened our "STL Motel" and had two Kiribati sisters stay with us for a few days because their flights were canceled due to the storm. We had a lovely time. And I brushed up my Kiribati! It's been too long. 
I also celebrated my 22nd Birthday with a Baptism! No better way to spend a birthday than to be able to witness someone enter the waters of Baptism. We are so excited for Jane! She is such a smart girl and it's been so fun to teach her! We know she will be a strong member and a good missionary some day. :) 
At the Baptism, we sang Hymn #116, Come Follow Me. In the closing remarks, Bishop pointed out the beginning of the 3rd verse....... "Is it enough, alone to know?"  What a deep and life changing question. Is it enough for us to just know? To just know that this church is true? To just know that the Gospel blesses families? To just know that we have a living prophet? To just know that the Book of Mormon is true? I'm so grateful for the knowledge and the testimony that I've gained over the course of my life. But I'm also grateful for the knowledge that "Just knowing" is not enough. To me, the difference between testimony and conversion is ACTION. I hope that each of us will always remember that this Gospel is meant for us to LIVE, not just to KNOW. :) 
Loloma Levu,
Sista Matheson :)

 I accidentally ordered chopsticks for everyone at lunch.... I didn't know they were gonna take away the spoons and forks too! #nomercy Poor Elders! ha ha

 Dropping off Sister Mack at the airport! We loved spending time with these cute sisters when they were stranded. 

Transferred to......... EGYPT! :) 

Ready to Race down the hill!

 The Nawaka District. 

Sigatoka Sand Dunes!
 Companions :) 

 Jane's Baptism! Best way to celebrate a Birthday! :)

Joy passed her interview.  So excited for her baptism!
 Camping out with the Kiribati sisters! Keitou kai vata! 

We made Roti and Vindi! 
We found a HUGE dead rat on our lawn this morning. So. Disgusting. Lucky I have such a brave companion. :) Naturally, we had a small funeral service. 

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