Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy 2015!!!!

Bula Vinaka! 
I hope everyone had a splendid New Year! Also, I'd like to wish you all a Happy Mohammed's Birthday today! (Fijian National Holiday.) I don't know exactly what it's for. Except a work break? And helping me learn patience. Because everything is closed. But really.... isn't New Years such a lovely holiday? I think it is.  It's gotta be one of my favorites.  It's a time to start fresh! To reflect on our lives and make goals.  I love goals and planning for the future. And I also love fireworks. But this new years was a little different as a missionary.  We spent all day teaching and dropped by the stake activity for a few minutes then went home and knocked out.  But we set our alarm for 11:50 so we could wish each other a new year.  We both were a bit sick, but it was still good! 
This week was also MLC! Yay for MLC! I really feel like being able to attend such a powerful and inspiring meeting once a month is one of the biggest blessings of being a Sister Training Leader.  It was a happy time because our mission has hit our goals two months in a row now.  One of my favorite trainings was about the importance of Listening as a leader.  I was really touched by the things Sister Layton had to say and I've been trying to implement the principles in my teaching and leadership.  
I also love MLC because the Western STL's get to come stay with us and we talk forever and get to go on splits. Sister Mauga is an absolute inspiration to me.  I was so uplifted by the time I spent teaching with her.  Some day I hope to be half the missionary she is! She has done SO MUCH GOOD in this mission. 
This week it's been real hard for me to put "Jesus the Christ" down.  SUCH A GOOD BOOK! My goodness. I've learned plenty new things. And my testimony of the Savior has really deepened. I can't wait to finish the whole thing and start over. If you haven't read it, go read it. You'll thank me later. :) 
It's been kind of sad for me to leave behind 2014.  Mostly because it was my full year as a set apart missionary and representative of the Lord.  But as I've had the opportunity to reflect, my gratitude has deepened.  I've realized how much I've actually grown and changed and how many wonderful experiences and blessings I've received. I'm one lucky girl. 2015 seems a little scarier because I have to make decisions and move on with my life. (AH!!!) but I know that the Lord has wonderful things in store for me and for all of us if we turn our will over to Him. So we press forward with Faith! 
May we always remember that.....
"The Future is as bright as your Faith."  ~ Thomas S. Monson
Loloma Levu,
Sista Matheson :)

 The hidden jungle we found in the middle of our suburb area!

 Our first attempt at Chop Suey! 

 Making Indian Sweets!

Happy New Year! At the Stake activity!

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