Sunday, August 17, 2014

Strengthen Thy Brethren

Bula Vinaka!

We had quite the adventurous week! It seems like it was about 3 weeks long. Here are some things that happened this week.....

· I got my Fiji Driver's license! Yay! I was real worried about my test. But it all worked out. I just spoke Fijian the whole time and made friends with the cute little man doing the test and it was all good. 
· The Lautoka Sisters came and stayed at our flat. So I got to see Sister Mataoa again! And her new companion. It's always fun to have people stay with us. 
· We went to the funeral of a recent convert around our area. It was a sad funeral, but well done. When we went to the cemetery, it was pouring rain. And sooo muddy so we all ended up taking our shoes off and trudging through the biggest cemetery I've every seen. It's so different here because the prisoners dig the grave while everyone watches then fill the grave as everyone stands and watches then they put up all the decorations on top. 
· We had a lot of ward activities this week too! A ward rescue night and a fireside and a ward talent show night. All were wonderful. We do have a fabulous ward. It's been fun to get to know all the members.
· We got a nail in our tire (poor Roma) and spent forever getting it fixed.  Then a few days later, our battery died. And NO ONE in Fiji carries a jumper cable. So that was fun. I kinda think car problems just follow me around in life. 
· I went on my 1st Exchange as an STL and only my 3rd exchange of my whole mission. But it was good! Sister Levave came to Samabula with me. We had a great time and learned a lot together. The thing I'm most excited about being an STL is learning from all of the sisters. Everyone teaches so differently and I learn something new every time I teach with a new Sister. 
· We were super lucky and were able to go with the Johnson Family to the temple for their first time and also to see them be sealed. It was really neat because they were actually the first family I really met and had a lesson with here in Fiji.  And I've seen them every time I have come here to Samabula. It was the first time I've been to a Sealing also. So that was really neat. It feels wonderful to go to the temple after 8 months! :)
So as you can see we had quite a bit going on this week. 

Funny story of the week.....

Last night after call-ins we were laying on our mattresses in the living room and we could hear something rattling. We looked at each other and started to get a little scared. It sounded like a rat. I don't like rats. At all. So after like 10 mins we finally got the courage to get off our mats and go check it out. We spent like 20 mins tip toeing around trying to find the rat. We found it. Only it wasn't a rat. It was a paper moving from the breeze through the window. But everyone needs a good mouse hunt in the middle of the night right? Every once in a while at least :) 

Also, this week we have been reading Luke for our Gospel read. And the other day I came across one of my favorite verses. I just really love it so I thought I would share it. It's Luke 22:32 ......

"But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren."

Beautiful eh? And straight from the mouth of the Savior. I know he is rooting for us. He prays that our faith NEVER fails. And that when we are converted we turn to others and help them. Probably partly because He knows that we can't strengthen others without also strengthening ourselves. That is what this Gospel is all about. Build your own faith, then help others. I just imagine what this church would be like if everyone faithfully did their visiting and home teaching. There would be a lot more strong, active members. So strengthen your brethren. And your sisteren. In all you do. :) 

Loloma Levu!

Sista Matheson :) 

Sister Chong and I at the temple! 

After the Johnson's Endowment and Sealing

 The funeral. You can kind of see the prisoners digging the grave.

 Legal on the LEFT! :) 

 Sister Chong and I with our bomb investigator Tui. He is Samoan. 

 My cute friends. 

 Sister Numea is the greatest! We're so excited she'll be in our mission soon!

 First exchange with Sister Levave!

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