Monday, August 11, 2014

Bringin' in the SAINTS.


I totally forgot the paper that I slaved over so I wouldn't forget anything that happened this week. Too bad. I'll do my best to remember. 

First things first. I don't think a single person got my name right this week ha! I've gotten Sister ..... Maxon, Mackisin, Mafeson, Matthews, Maxine, Matthew, and my personal favorite..... Sister Magazine. :) Or Sister Pyne (the American sister that I replaced, everyone thinks we are twins.)  And then some just call me Jiji (Sister in Hindi.) I pretty much respond to anything at this point. 

We have some rock star investigators right now. One is getting baptized next Saturday. She rocks. I love lessons with her. Another one we just started teaching. He is a Samoan. The new General Authority's family moved in just recently and they are half Samoan and offered to help out with translation and such. So we had our first lesson with Tui at the General Authority's house. Talk about a little bit intimidating. But it was really good. It was a strong member present lesson to say the least ha. And they are all SO funny. 

Driving on the left side has been interesting. I've been practicing to get my license tomorrow. I'm WAY scared for my test, but hopefully all goes well. I just have to focus real hard and not use the windshield wipers as blinkers or use my blinkers to park. Ugh. Ha. This week I was feelin real good about how well I knew the roads. So when the Elders hopped in for a ride home, I told them not to say anything so I could make sure I knew the way by myself. After the first turn Elder Talamai (He's Tongan and so so funny) said "Oh Sista Mafeson, You know the road well. You learning fast." Everyone else was silent. I was feeling confident as I cruised down the little street. But there was no right turn. No good. I was starting to stress. Everyone was still silent. As we pulled up to a round about Elder Talamai said.... "Oh, maybe next right sista." Everyone burst out laughing and made fun of me the rest of the way home. And anytime I drive them anywhere now. Apparently I still haven't quite got the roads down yet. Ha. 

We also had ZTM this week. We talked a lot about the new world wide push to bring in the Less actives. And strengthen the wards and branches. As we do this the investigators will come naturally and the retention will be better. So now in our mission one Baptism = one SAINT. and reactivating a less active...= one SAINT. The focus is bringing in the saints. Whether it be through Baptism or coming back to church. And I think it is so inspired! I'm way excited to see the transformation in the wards and branches here as this new concept is put into place! 

I'm sure there are lots of other wonderful things to talk about but, I can't remember! 

Loloma Levu,
Sista Matheson 

P.S. I just ordered the Seminary guide for the Book of Mormon from the church store website and I totally recommend it! It's like $6 and real great to study along with the Book of Mormon. Just sayin. 

 This is the legendary Lilly King. She is hilarious. Whenever we are discouraged, we go visit her. (When she saw this picture of us, she said I looked like a very beautiful man. Ha. Thanks Lilly!)
 Sister Chong and I with our dear friend Lupe. She leaves on her mission to Philippines this week. 

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