Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bring Me a Soul.

Tekeraoi Ami Kiritimati!
(Merry Christmas) 
Can you believe Christmas is here? One year ago I was in the MTC getting ready for Christmas! Time flies. But I really do just love Christmas! It's so happy. :)
This week we were able to go on three exchanges! So that was a fabulous Christmas treat! These sisters that are coming in are stellar. I'm always so impressed. And I learn so much from them. 
This week we've been on a finding frenzy! And it's been so fun! It's a busy time of the year so the work is a bit different than normal but we take advantage of it! We've been making Christmas gifts.  Joy to the World DVD's, a Book of Mormon and Candy canes all wrapped up in cute ribbon (shout out to the lovely Sister Peterson for the ribbons and candy canes!)  Then we just give them away by the Spirit.  One day we had a few potential investigator and less active families in mind to give them to but we ended up talking to and giving them to completely different people! Let the Holy Spirit Guide eh? 
We found one new adorable investigator.  She's a kiribati woman.  SO FUNNY.  When I grow up, I want to be a cute old kiribati woman.  That's all. They are the happiest, funniest, most faithful people in the whole world.  So we're real excited to teach her.  I even introduced myself in broken Kiribati and she thought I served there. Ha. Everyday is an adventure. :) 
Yesterday we were able to witness the beautiful baptism of our three sweet investigators. Ruci, Talei, and Peniana.  I adore them.  They have seriously become like sisters to us! And I feel so blessed to have been able to teach them. They are miracles. We received a referral for them on Thanksgiving.  And they were baptized less than a month later. :) Happy Day.  And Holy Cow.  They are just SO READY.  Their testimonies were beautiful and the spirit was so strong. They will all be fabulous missionaries a year from now! They were the greatest Christmas gift. :)

This week.... Elder Johansson spoke again! Hooray! :) What a wise man! He followed up on his last message about giving a gift to the Savior.  He said as he was contemplating what gift he could personally give to the Savior this year, he had a distinct impression.  "BRING ME A SOUL."  That is one of the greatest gifts we can give.  Because "the worth of souls is great in the sight of God."

 When he was speaking I was thinking "Oh, ok well we've had a few baptisms in December so I guess that will be my gift to the Savior. I'm off the hook."  and then I just felt the spirit flood every inch of my soul as the thought came to mind...."No. Nope. No, that's not my gift to the Savior, that's HIS gift to me."  One of the many, many, many, even numberless gifts I've received from Him.  And that's a gift I'm so grateful for.  The trust HE has given me to do HIS work.  To represent HIM.  And to bring HIS precious souls back to HIM. And then I get a little sad inside.  When I realize this is the last Christmas I will be able to spend with a name tag on. At least for a long long time. But even without a name tag I hope we remember to give HIM a gift.  To bring precious souls unto Him.  ALL. YEAR. LONG. Every year. For the rest of our lives. He never stops giving.  And neither should w
e. :) 
Merry Christmas! 

Sister Matheson :)

 Sister Parata and I on exchanges! Finding with Christmas Presents! So fun!
(Sorry I can't turn it)

 LOVE this view. It changes everyday but it's always Gorgeous.

 More Christmas Present Finding!

 Temple view from my front porch :)

 BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER! I saw two of my favorite investigators randomly at church this week! They are both baptized now! So happy! 

 Our wonderful Baptism this week! LOVE these girls! They are my sisters. :)

 After the Baptism :)

 I've come along way. Now I can scale fish.

Fried fish for dinna! :)

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