Sunday, November 23, 2014

We. Are. SUPERbula!

Bula Vinaka my dear friends! 
This week was real exciting. Records were broken. And plenty lessons were taught. 35 lessons to be exact. I didn't used to think that was possible. But turns out it is! But it about killed us. We were real tired by the end of it all. And we are so excited because we are on track for 6 more SAINTS this Sunday. Two returning Members and four baptisms! I just love this work. That's all. It feels so good to just give it all you've got! I've truly seen how the Lord is preparing people for this beautiful Gospel and it's so exciting to be a part of it! 
We decided that we are no longer the Samabula district. Now we are the SUPERbula district! Because our district taught 104 lessons this week! :) Happy day! 
I was so excited to FINALLY get the Conference issue of the Ensign and start studying the talks. Every talk I read reminds me of how lovely that meeting is. :) I read all of the Priesthood meeting talks this week. Talk about some fabulous messages! I especially loved the talk by Henry B. Eyring titled "The Preparatory Priesthood."  I love how he highlighted the impact loving mentors can have on the rising generation.  I especially love what he said about the power of TRUST.

"You seasoned companions can bless a young priesthood holder in preparation whenever you can show him that kind of trust." 
I feel like I am who I am today because people were willing to trust me. And I want to be one of those loving and caring mentors who can make a difference in someone's life through the power of trust and also Love. Sometimes the perfectionist side of me comes out and it is hard to hand over a responsibility.  But I'm learning that missions are about building people.  Not just baptizing. I'm grateful for all of the wonderful parents and mentors and teachers etc, who have changed my life. And I'm also grateful for the words of living prophets.  And the wonderful teacher that the Holy Ghost is. And I'm grateful for this Gospel and the opportunity to SHARE IT! :)
Loloma Levu,
Sista Matheson :)

 Soso is the cutest. She got her plate etc., sat down and said "I'm ready for EAT!" Clearly she was sick of waiting for all the adults. Ha! Funny girl!

Proselyting again with Noqu Na! (Sista Bechu) :)

Learning about Tithing with Cornflakes! 

After Service with all my Kiribati friends. So sad to see them leave. :(
 Our District with Lu. :)

 Aman's 6th Birthday (I felt a little bad when I realized he is wearing my badge in ALL of his birthday pictures. Ha)

 Check out this little guy. 

The SUPERbula District.  :)
 Elder Smith brushing Elder Fiso's teeth for District Meeting. Ha!

Lu invited us to his restaurant. BEST CHINESE FOOD EVA!


Gorgeous sunrise? Se cava?

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