Sunday, November 9, 2014

Building Saints! :)

Bula Vinaka!

We had another FABULOUS week! We taught plenty lessons and had plenty exchanges and just worked real real hard. And we're tired but so happy! That's what missions are all about eh? 

And Sennie was BAPTIZED!!!! Yay! We love baptisms! :) She was so prepared and I'm so grateful we got to be a part of it all. I just love seeing the change in people's lives and the light and happiness that just flows into them all because of this beautiful Restored Gospel. Isn't it just Fantastic? 

We went on exchanges with the Lami sisters and I was back with Sister Chong! So good! Man, I really miss that girl! I almost cried again dropping her off.  And then exchanges again with the Nausori sisters! They are great too! 

And I just feel like my testimony was strengthened this week about so many things! Especially the constant help and guidance of the Spirit in this work.  One day we had a fall through and weren't sure exactly where to go.  Then just a simple yet clear thought came to my head to go to a Member's house to drop off something.  Turns out they had an AWESOME referral for us and are so prepared for the Gospel.  :) Then same thing happened yesterday when we had a fall through and we just knew where we had to go. We visited a Less active woman who just returned from Prison. She shared about her experience then we shared Alma 7: 11-12.  It must have been the right one.  Tears were streaming down her face the entire time. And I was humbled at what I learned as well. This is truly the LORD'S work....not ours. And knowing that gives me a lot of comfort.  We just have to be obedient and work hard. 

We also did a training this week at ZTM about planning.  But we decided to compare it to the renovation and building of the temple here in Suva. As missionaries we have not been called to build a temple.... but to build SAINTS. :) So we need our hard hat of Obedience to protect us and our Construction Vest of Hard Work. Then we have to do some serious goal setting and planning. You can't just send 50 men with hammers over to the temple and tell them to fix it.  Planning is SO IMPORTANT. 

And then at the end we talked about Accountability.  I shared how growing up I watched my dad work on houses that were finished in only a few months.  But then when it came to building our house, it took how many years? And the difference is Accountability. He had to answer to people who had contracted him to build for them. The temple is the same way.  It WILL be finished.  On time and done correctly. Because that company answers to the Prophet.  They probably submitted a bid of some sort with all of their skills and projected timeline and estimated cost etc and then the Prophet chose them to build the temple.  They also probably received some sort of letter telling them that they had been chosen! They had been called to build the temple here in Fiji.  And then I'm guessing they submitted a reply accepting the job and promising to comply with all the regulations etc. 

We too submitted a form. To the Prophet.  And the Prophet chose us to come BUILD THE SAINTS here in Fiji! We got the job! And just like that company, we sent a reply to the Prophet accepting our calling.  And now we are accountable to not just the Prophet, but the Lord.  And all of his servants. We were chosen because the Lord knows that we are the right ones for the job. Let's not let Him down! 

I Love every single minute of this work! And I'm SO grateful to be a part of building the Saints here in Fiji! 

Loloma Levu,
Sista Matheson :)

 Sennie's Baptism! :) Yay! (And the one next to me is Ruta. She's my best friend.)

 Ayush!!!!!! My baby.  Isn't he a doll?
 Cleaning at a member's home. We practically took the house apart and I was real scared I was going to fall through. Good experience. I'm grateful for my house. :)
 Sister Alofoe and I on exchanges! We taught our cute Kiribati kids!
 The view of part of the harbor!
 Sister Bauro and I after our training on "Building Saints"

 Eating my first ever...... Dried Sea Worm. Yum. It's like fish flavored chewing gum in the form of a worm. Still not sure exactly how I feel about it. 

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