Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Life in Lautoka :)

Bula Tale Mai Lautoka!
This week was Fabulous. We had a couple of challenges, but it was still lovely! The first challenge was the water. Actually the LACK of water. Some pipe burst so there was no water in Lautoka from Friday night last week till Wednesday. But no water for 6 days made us realize how much we really do like water. :) And we are SOO grateful to have water now. :)
This week we taught a LOT of lessons! So awesome! We are working with quite a few less actives right now. And we have a bunch of investigators as well. 3 with Baptismal dates. I'm excited to get to know them all better and see them progress! :) 
This week was like CHRISTMAS again! I got my big suitcase back that I couldn't take to Taveuni. So now I have lots of new clothes and supplies and all sorts of wonderful things. Life is really great. Also, they brought back the conference Ensign! I'm so excited to start reading it! 
Other fun facts about life in Lautoka! ......Our flat is bright PINK! It used to be a disaster until we deep cleaned it. We finally have a desk to study at. This area is huge and confusing and the road system is crazy. Lots of random Shortcuts. It's HOT here. So I'm working on a real nice tan. A dog ate my chacos this week. :( We get to go to the Gym here. We take lots more taxis here than I'm used to.  I really wish I learned how to play volleyball.  I'm real bad at it. We eat lots and lots of curry.  And we never use eating utensils. Just our hands. 
Unfortunately, I also got pretty sick this week. Fever, stomach, everything. I was super super weak and couldn't eat anything for almost exactly 24 hours. But we had to work through it because we had busy days.  Apparently it's going around. I lost about 2 kgs. in 2 days and it was just no fun. But then, last night all of a sudden I felt WAY better and all of a sudden had all this energy and started cleaning out the flat. I'm so grateful to feel back to normal! YAY!
That's mostly it for this week! I love being a misisonary! :)
Loloma Levu, 
Sista Matheson :)

Lautoka 1st Ward

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