Sunday, March 23, 2014

"The work is.....overflowing"

So much happened this week! It feels like it was more like 5 weeks. of our investigators, Resina, finally got married this week! Yay! Weddings (even super simple weddings) are a LOT of work to figure out. But we were so happy for her. She will be baptized next week! I don't know how we are the lucky missionaries who get to reap the seeds and hard work of so many. She has been taking lessons for like 3 years. Probably about 30 or so missionaries. 
We also contacted a referral for a man that we later found out was a Methodist preacher or something, but we were so happy because he is so nice and seems genuinely interested. He would be such a strength to the church here.  I can tell he is so dedicated and good. So I'm excited to see what happens there.
Crazy, Stressful, Embarrassing, but hopefully-someday-FUNNY story of the week: So we were really tired Saturday and it was late so we only filled the baptismal font half way.  Then, Sunday morning we woke up early to go fill it again. When we came back to turn it off, there were quite a few members there. When we went to check on font, we were grateful to discover that someone (probably the elders as they also had a baptism) had turned it off at the perfect water level. So we continued our preparations. Then, just as Sister Bechu stands up to give the talk on Baptism, the water creeps in around her feet. Yep. Turns out no one had turned it off like we thought. We panicked and stopped everything.  Everyone mopped for like 10 minutes to keep it from flooding all of the classrooms. We were so embarrassed. It didn't even feel like real life. Eventually we got it under control and Brother Orisi was baptized. When the branch president got up to give the closing remarks he said that he was grateful the work is "overflowing" here in Somosomo. Ha. Man. Sometimes all you can do is laugh. :) 
To top the day off....a bunch of my mosquito bites have turned to Boils and..... I found out I have LICE. Ugh. But I'll take both the good and the not-so-good in the village life. I LOVE this island and this village and I LOVE THIS WORK.  Some days it is absolutely exhausting and there are always trials, but the good outweighs the bad. I'm a happy girl to be here in Somosomo :)
Loloma Levu,
Sister Matheson

I'm officially Fijian. I finally opened a can with a knife. All by myself. 
Resina and Joji's wedding. It was so nice and simple and they were so HAPPY! Plus she can get baptized now.

Sister Bechu and I in front of the Taveuni map.

Just me and the Fijian jungle. :)

The Relief Society Birthday Activity

Fiona LOVES birthdays. And birthday cake. She's the cutest.

Sister Bechu and I :)
Brother Orisi's baptism!!! Happy Day!
Lice. Ugh. Not such a happy day.

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