Monday, February 17, 2014

Neil L. Anderson and Bechuson the Not-So-Friendly RAT!

Oilalu! What a week! I never ever know where to start, so sorry if this is super scatter brained. 
First..... the Highlight of the week was our trip to Suva for the MISSION CONFERENCE! It was the biggest group of Fiji Suva Missionaries every assembled. Ever. There are 142 of us now. Elder Neil L. Anderson came and spoke. It was so good! One of the biggest things that hit me was his emphasis on really KNOWING the scriptures. Knowing where all of the stories are found and where you can find scriptures on the Atonement, Faith, etc. He encouraged us to have the "Words of God running through our veins." Tad R. Callister also came and he also rocks. 
At the conference I got to meet a bunch of people finally! Everyone says Sister Pyne and Sister Rich and I look exactly alike. I attached a picture. This old man was upset Bula because I didn't remember him.  Turns out he thought I was Sister Pyne.  (Actually she didn't attach the picture -- maybe next week)
They had a cultural night which was also a blast! Being in Suva made me sooo glad I'm serving in a village. Kaicolo sara ga. It was weird to be somewhere where there is more than one street, and people wear shoes, etc. 
The airplane ride back was a bit sketchy. We got to the airport at 5 am and the elders found out their tickets fell through. When we got on the plane we found out why. A giant SURFBOARD was taking up 6 seats. They were replaced by a surfboard. We about died. Ha. Then the ceiling started leaking and as we were about to take off, the captain's door flew open. Oile. I'm not usually worried about flying, but I was a bit sketched. But we survived. :)
Sister Bechu always teases me about the rats in our flat. But I never believed her. But the other day we were standing in the kitchen and the ceiling came alive. RATS. Running all around. I about jumped out of my skirt. And they didn't stop. All night. There must have been some rat convention at our flat. I don't know. But I couldn't sleep. Then Sis. Bechu reminded me to sleep with a sheet so they don't bite my feet. I flipped. Then she showed me the picture of the dead rat they found a month or so ago. Like over a foot long!!!!! Then I really couldn't sleep. We named our rat Bechuson. But the next day, I was telling the Vuna Elders and was quickly humbled because they kill one almost every night. My goodness. I just kept thinking of the other side of heaven. I'll take my cockroaches thank you very much. I just hope our rat stays in our ceiling and I never have to see him. Oi le Fiji.  Good thing I love this country so much. 
Also, the power has been off a ton this week. HOT!!!!!!! I literally can't think straight when we are stuck in our 97 degree flat with no fan, because the sweat is  streaming off my face. But WAYYYY better here than freezing cold right? 
Miracle of the week....... We took my ipod and speaker on our one hour (each way) trek up to the bush to visit our investigator Resina. When we left it said low battery. We listened to "Learn of Me" which starts "I walk today...." on repeat the whole way up thinking it was going to die any second. On our way down it beeped and said the super low battery warning where it usually dies like 5 mins later. IT LASTED THE WHOLE WAY! And died literally 5 feet in front of our house. We were so grateful for the tender mercy of the Lord. The simple song kept us going in the heat. 
The other night we were walking home late after a lesson and stopped by Sister Ranama's house.  It was packed! The men were outside chatting and drinking a traditional drink, the women and girls were inside learning to sing and dance a traditional meke and the kids were running around with no shoes.  Everyone was so happy.  But I think I was the happiest. I realized that I am truly living in a Village in the bush in Fiji.  This stuff still exists. I love this village and these people and this culture. They help me realize you don't need much to be truly happy. 
I love you all! And I LOVE being a missionary. Life is wonderful. Rats, Cockroaches, Sweat and all. :) I'm a happy girl. 
Loloma Levu,
Sister Matheson

On the plane to Suva

My girls. Sori and Litiana. 

Our hour walk up to the Bush. GORGEOUS!

Pictures sent to me (Aimee's mom) from a visitor to the Somosomo area.


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