Sunday, February 9, 2014


My goodness, I have so much to say and NO time because we went hiking up to a waterfall today for P-day. But it was BEAUTIFUL and so worth it.
We had a really good week this week.  It started with our training in Labasa.  We stayed with the sisters there.   One of which is sister Alaga (formerly Sis. Pauni) from the MTC. She's as funny as ever.  I guess they were talking to each other and Sis. Alaga asked if we were coming on a big boat or a little boat.  Sis. Chong said it was a small boat.  Sis. Alaga got this funny look on her face and said.  "Oh no ... I Hate this.... (while pretending to row a boat.)  I laughed so hard when I found out she thought we were going to row our way over to Labasa.  Oh Sister Alaga..... :)
We stayed the next night in Savusavu.  It is gorgeous.  I hope they open it for Sisters. Also, the boat ride back I REALLY had to go to the bathroom.  So I used the one on the boat.  It was definitely in the top 10 worst bathroom experiences of my life.  It ranks right up there with the Chinese woman smiling across from me on the squatter at the bus station etc. So you can imagine that it wasn't too fun.
For Service this week we helped Nana get ready for her "Widow's party." Boy, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  It was a party. We scrubbed the entire house.  They killed 2 huge pigs.  35 Widows across the island came.  And half the village was there cooking and cleaning ALL DAY.
This week I played piano at church.  I was planning on playing three hymns I knew, but when I got up there, they told me they changed it to three hymns I had never heard let alone played.  So I prayed a lot and it worked out.  Boy, I wish I had learned more hymns.
One of our Investigators, Orisi, said he would be baptized! We are working with him on the Word of Wisdom. And he FINALLY came to church! Also, he made my day when he said that he knew the Power of God was with us. I'm excited for March.  The mission is trying to get 100 baptisms in one month. Our goal is 3 but I think we'll exceed that. 
This week the biggest thing I learned is Happiness. A big secret to missionary work is just being happy.  No one is going to want to hear what you have to say if you are not happy.  No matter what is going on, just Smile! And have a good attitude!
This week we had........
13 investigators at church! 15 if you count 2 younger girls we are teaching.
I was SOOO happy. Like pure happiness. I kept thinking back to the time all of my 5th graders got 100% on their spelling tests.  I was so happy to see them so happy.  That's how this was.  Getting people to church is one of the hardest things.  But it paid off. 
This week I thought a lot about the quote at the end of message from the First Presidency in PMG.  It says....
"More happiness awaits you then you have ever experienced as you labor among His children"
I KNOW that this promise is true. I'm so happy to be here. I love these people and I LOVE this work.
Loloma Levu,
Sister Matheson
P.S. Look up a story in the 2004 Ensign about a boy who was the only survivor when a boat capsized in Fiji.  His whole family died on their way to be baptized. So sad. I met him on Sunday.  He is incredible.

Savusavu.  This town is BEAUTIFUL.

The Taveuni Princess.  Better than rowing!

Vuli's Baptism

A few of the widows.  They are hilarious.

P-day at the waterfall

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