Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This is IT.

This is it friends. 

The day has come.
I am finally going to be a Missionary
Can you believe it? Ya.... me neither. But nevertheless, it's happening!
I am so very very very excited, but a little nervous too. But no good adventure starts without a little anxiety right? 

Here are a few goals for my mission:

[number 1.] Love Everyone.
Love my companions. Love my Mission President. Love the Ward. Love the investigators.  
Love the strangers on the street.  Love the Lord. Love Everyone. 

[number2.] Be Obedient.
Be obedient in everything.  Even things that don't make sense to my mortal mind. 

[number3.] Be Happy.
Be Happy. Be Kind. Be Nice. Be outgoing.  Be optimistic. ALWAYS. 

[number4.] Keep Records.
Record the blessings and the trials.  The learning experiences and the mistakes. 
 Write.  Tape. Journal. Photograph. Write some more. 

[number5.] Listen to the Spirit.
Be worthy.  Listen. Act. Repeat.  
Be an instrument in HIS hands.
[number6.] Find the Miracles.
Recognize the Miracles in Everything. Be Grateful. Then Record them. 

Thank you to all of my wonderful supportive family and friends! I love you all! :) 
Write me! I will try and write back. :) 


See ya in 18. 

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